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Money Savings Tips in Your Home

Many of us are tightening our belts and trying to find new ways to save money at home.

Even if we’re financially stable, the recent years have taught us we need to save more money.

Others are in dire straights and absolutely need to find extra ways to cut costs in the home.

Here are some quick and easy ways to cut your expenses right now at home.

Phone Services

Do you really need both a cell phone and a landline?

My household had 4 cell phones, so we decided to get rid of the landline, saving us $300 per year.

I also took a closer look at voice mail, call waiting and other features.

I didn’t need them, so I shaved them off and saved quite a bit more.

Plants and Air Conditioning

air conditionerYou can cut down on the use of air conditioning by adding a lot of plants to your home.

Wide leaf house plants in every room will cool the air.

Choose ferns and large plants with big leaves, even indoor house trees. Also, plant extra trees around the outside of your house.

When you do need air conditioning, confine it to one or two rooms, and don’t cool down the whole house.

This will save you a bundle on your electric bill – and it’s eco-friendly!

Movies and Entertainment

When was the last time you saw a really good movie?

Are most of the movies you see worth the $9 price of admission?

Rent movies instead, and spend $2.50 for the whole family to watch a DVD instead of $9 per person. Also, look at your cable TV bill.

I was spending $80 per month on a gold package, but when I looked closely – I rarely watched the channels.

I cut my cable package down to the basic $19 and rented a few extra movies each month.

I saved $61 on my cable bill and spent $10 extra on rentals – $612 saved each year! I was able to watch additional programming online.

Natural Light

Use natural light whenever possible. Install extra windows, or work outside.

It used to amaze me to visit my neighbor’s house at 3:00 in the afternoon, with the sun shining high in the sky, and find them at home with several lights on.

You can save a lot on electricity by working near a window and using natural sunlight for your benefit.

For the evening, use solar lights and fluorescent bulbs.

Bank Fees

Get rid of all bank fees.

Find a bank to bundle all of your services, and get a free package.

Since interest rates are low for savings accounts, it’s better to keep extra cash in your checking account if it will cause a fee waiver. I get free checking if my balance is over $2000.

That saves me $60 a year – better than the $8.45 I was making in savings interest on the same $2000.

I also got my annual credit card fee waived by having a package deal with the same bank.

Bad Habits

If you stop smoking, you’ll save tons!

You might even save your life. Also cut down on alcoholic drinks – they’re expensive.

Have a wine once in a while with dinner, but not every night.

Shop Around

Window shop before you buy any medium or large purchase.

You’d be surprised how much you can save by comparing costs.

We often buy mid-priced items on a whim, but saving $20 on a $100 item can go a long way.

I bought an unbranded MP3 player for $70 that’s still running strong after 3 years.

My friend spent loads more cash for an iPod that’s already outmoded and skipping tracks.

Don’t be suckered into brand names. Look for coupons, rebates, and special offers, too.

Don’t easily throw your money around, even on small items.

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