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4 Uncommon Money Saving Tips

Due to the rising cost of necessary expenditures, it can be difficult to find ways to cut corners on the monthly budget.

You’ve already given up your morning latte just to offset the rising cost of gas, but how else can you make the bottom dollar budge?

Here are four uncommon money saving ideas to help you squeeze more savings out of your paycheck:

1. Purchase Health and Beauty Aids at the Pharmacy

Most people purchase shampoo, toothpaste, and other health and beauty aids at the grocery store and could be missing out on great savings offered at pharmacies. CVS, for example, offers customers a savings card.

Whenever a purchase is made and the card is swiped, a coupon is generated on the receipt.

The coupon generally can be used on any future purchase, unlike most grocery store receipt coupons.

When buying revolving items such as health and beauty aids, the savings from these coupons can quickly add up.

You can receive a coupon up to $10 or more off your next purchase.

2. Alternate You Grocery Shop

alternate grocery shopIf you prefer certain brand items and you buy them on a regular basis, it might pay to visit your grocer’s competitor.

Grocery stores near each other often run sales on items on alternating weeks.

For example, if the local newspaper ad shows that Pepsi is on sale this week at your favorite grocery store, it won’t be on sale next week.

More than likely, it will be on sale next week at the grocery store down the street.

Alternate shopping between grocery stores each week to take advantage of these sale items and shave dollars off your next grocery bill.

3. Shop Upscale Neighborhood Garage Sales

Your children want the latest hot brand-name clothes but your wallet is on a diet.

The next time you get the Sunday paper, take a look at the advertised garage sales and visit one in a nearby upscale neighborhood.

Chances are you’ll be able to find gently used brand-name clothes at a huge discount.

This works very well especially when children are young and grow out of clothes before they have a chance to break them in.

4. Buy Cleaning Supplies at the Dollar Store

Many cleaning products and supplies can be purchased at a deep discount at the local Dollar Store.

cleaning suppliesSponges, buckets, laundry detergents and other cleaning supplies are often sold for a lot less than what they are at the grocery store.

Since these items have no resale value, there is no point in spending more than necessary on them.

These savings tips, although they seem small, can add up to significant savings over a short period of time.

Even by using just one of these tips, you may be able to add your morning latte back into your routine and contribute more money to savings.